thought I would send you the picture of the one I have completed.  Great quality.   Thick pieces and don’t bend or break if in wrong spot and you remove.

Denise, VIC

COVID-19 Please be aware Australia Post, are taking a little longer with deliveries at this time. We thank you for your patience.

That is completely ok. I am not in a rush for it as a back story I ordered a dumbo puzzle from Oz sale in the end of March and after weeks and weeks went by I contacted them multiple times to see where it was as it was saying after 4 weeks it still hadn’t been dispatched yet but I would get an automated reply over and over and it wasn’t until 5 weeks went that I messaged them over face book quite abruptly that they finally investigated it to find that the ‘supplier’ had no more stock. So anyways after reading your email this morning , even though it may be delayed I am so happy your company has the amazing customer service and communication.

Thank you!



Shirralee COVID-19 Puzzle Delivery.